Dating group for fat women

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Dating group for fat women

" before busting out laughing with the remainder of his friends.

For all of you not aware of Pooh Bear and his crew, Heffalump is a big, purple elephant.

This is for the guys who find it acceptable to say they "give to charity" for f****** a fat girl, like you're doing us some type of favor.

This is for all the guys who have small, judgmental minds whose image of beautiful is a size 2 girl in a bikini. The weight that hangs from my body doesn't define who I am as a person.

It's reading things like this that have made me ashamed to walk my college campus. Do girls walk past me and internally thank themselves that their bodies don't look like mine? I often have felt like I walk around with a huge spotlight on me because I don't wear crop tops or skinny jeans like the girls I pass by..

Seeing it sparked the same feelings I had back then when posting it, and is the reason why I'm writing this letter today.

My two best friends and I always sat with a group of boys we were friends with at lunch.

I may not look good in a skin-tight dress silhouetting every fat roll I have, but if one day I want to go out to the club (fat rolls and all) it's MY prerogative to do so.

That gives you no right to shout at me, calling me a fat a** or looking me up and down like I'm some animal at the zoo.

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I get a lot of crap for not going out as much as others do at my school, but it's the criticism of people like those mentioned above that makes going out unenjoyable and an anxiety-filled experience. So I am fully aware there are great guys out there who don't factor in a girl's size when it comes to befriending her, dating her or even judging her.

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